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Our treasury structure is designed to accelerate group capabilities by feeding value back to our DAO through our members only coin. A portion of monthly profits are used for buybacks which incentivizes peak quality and drives overall effective contributions of Shilluminati. The ultimate positive feedback loop.

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We are a private trading group consisting of highly liquid traders, analysts and well networked individuals. The potential of our partnered projects is amplified as we leverage our resources to provide market making, angel investing, advising, and KOL outreach.

Our Trusted Partners
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Founders of the Sanctum
  • Apex Predator
    Beluga Hunter
  • James
    King James
  • Kingu
    Kingu of the Swingu
  • Don Shotta
    Top Shotta
  • In the shadows we lurk, as we make our puppets dance. While the mockingbird sings, drowning out the sorrows of our enemies.                    
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